Friday, 14 June 2013

What is Composition? What is Space?

What is composition?
A composition is something which is put together - an arrangement of different elements. Sometimes, composition is used to refer to one piece of artwork, such as a painting.

What is space?
Space is the 3D (3 dimensional) boundless, extent in which an object has a relative position, the physical space around an object or shape.

1. Copy the title 'What is Composition?' into your sketchbook.
2. Neatly copy the definition under the title. 
REMEMBER: Think about presentation and using interesting TYPOGRAPHY!
3. Add the definition of BACKGROUND, FOREGROUND and MIDDLE GROUND to your composition page.
Background: Area in the back (furthest away) in an art work. Objects appear very small as they are further away.
Middle ground: Area in the middle part of a work of art. Objects appear slightly smaller, as they are further away.
Foreground: Area closest to you in a work of art. Objects appear closest to you.

Background, Middle ground and Foreground  (composition)

4. Use of Space…

Use of Space….
1.Consider composition
2.Drawn BIG
3.Drawn SMALL
4.Fill the page/paper
5.Lines off the page
6.Perspective (bigger in the foreground, smaller in the background)
8.Positive/negative space

Continuing to develop your knowledge of the formal elements!

Miss C :)

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